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Alabama Income Tax Calculator SmartAsset

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Alabama is a state with relatively low income tax and effective property tax rates. The state sales tax of 4% is also low, but local rates can more than double what you pay in sales tax in some cities.

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  • 21 cents per gallon of regular gasoline, 28.15 cents per gallon of diesel
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Alabama Sales Tax Guide for Businesses

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You can file My Alabama Taxes. If you are remitting more than $750 in one payment, Alabama requires you to pay via electronic funds transfer (EFT) through My Alabama Taxes ONE SPOT.

  • How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Alabama
  • Should you collect sales tax on shipping charges in Alabama?
  • How often will you file sales tax returns in Alabama?
  • How to Calculate How Much Sales Tax You Owe in Alabama

Filing an Alabama State Tax Return Things to Know Credit Karma Tax

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To file your Alabama state tax return electronically, you can use the states free tax-filing system at My Alabama Taxes, or MAT. You can pay any tax due by using your checking account (for free) or by...

  • What are some basics of Alabama state taxes?
  • What are some Alabama deductions and credits to know?
  • How can I file an Alabama state tax return?
  • Will state SALT cap workarounds help you deduct more...

Tax policy in Alabama Ballotpedia

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Tax policy in AlabamaTax rates in 2017Personal income tax: 2% to 5%State sales tax: 4.00%Corporate income tax: 6.50%Tax revenues in 2016Total tax collections: $9.92 billionTax collections per capita:...

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Alabama Sales Tax Rate 2020

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The Alabama sales tax rate is 4% as of 2020, with some cities and counties adding a local sales tax on top of the AL state sales tax. Exemptions to the Alabama sales tax will vary by state.

  • 1 - What is the 2020 Alabama Sales Tax Rate?
  • 3 - Alabama Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
  • There are 70 days left until taxes are due.
  • 2020 Coronavirus Filing Payment Extension

Alabama AL Sales Tax Guide

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Everything you need to know about Alabama state sales tax including collection, rates and automatic filing.. State-By-State Sales Tax Guides. Alabama. A Complete Guide For Businesses.

  • Registering to collect sales tax in Alabama

PPT my alabama taxes mat PowerPoint Presentation ID165003

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My Alabama Taxes (MAT) is a new internet portal that allows taxpayers to access their tax accounts.Effective October 4, 2010, taxpayers who file gasoline, motor fuel, aviation fuels, lubricating...

  • Be-ATTITUDES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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When using My Alabama Taxes (MAT) be sure to use the correct URL, ending in .gov. Going to an incorrect site could potentially put a taxpayer at risk for tax fraud. This may occur by not using the...

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My good friend Brian Trippe, of REI Live, has graciously made available, modules of a Tax Sale. This is a great place to get an introduction to the tax lien/tax certificate/tax deed business in Alabama.

  • How long does it take to quiet the title in Alabama?
  • Do you have a tax certificate or deed that you want to sell?
  • UPDATEDTax Deed for Sale-Vacant Lot-Lake Neely Henry-St Clair County
  • Intriguing Article Regarding the Implications of Property Values