Your Business and Retirement

Retirement Tips for SMBs Business News Daily

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Whether a business owner chooses to sell the business, hand it down to family or a colleague, close the business (which often requires selling assets like equipment), or sell out a partnership, this decision will ultimately inform how to prepare for retirement, said Jay DesMarteau...

  • 5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Start Preparing for Retirement
  • Plan how you'll step out of your business.
  • [Interested in employee retirement plans? Check out our reviews.]

If You Plan to Fund Your Retirement by Selling Your Business, This

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Valuing a business the day you decide to sell is like planning your retirement the day you decide to retire -- you may be left out in the cold.

  • How to Approach Your Finances If You Want to Retire Stress-Free
  • If You Plan to Fund Your Retirement by Selling Your Business, This Is What You Need to Know
  • The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom
  • Dirty Little Secrets: What the Credit Reporting Agencies Won't Tell You

Retirement Plans for Your Business Nationwide

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Help your employees save for retirement with a business retirement plan from Nationwide. Find out how a group 401K plan can benefit your employees and business.. Setting up an employee retirement plan can be a smart way to provide for one of your key assets your people.

  • Find out why you should offer a retirement plan from Nationwide
  • Nationwide HSA administered by HealthEquity
  • Visit Axos Bank for business banking options
  • Looking for individual retirement plans?

Business Retirement COUNTRY Financial

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A retirement plan has the power to help improve both employee job satisfaction and productivity. And since a tax-qualified retirement plan can give both your business and your employees advantages, everybody wins. Depending on the type of plan chosen and your business situation...

A different kind of retirement plan Empower Retirement

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Individuals and organizations refers to all retirement business of Great-West Life Annuity Insurance Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Great-West Life Annuity Insurance Company of New York marketed under the Empower Retirement brand.

  • Our Commitment to Performance Excellence
  • Empower was built with times like this in mind
  • State of the pandemic: How government retirement plans are tackling COVID-19
  • Staying the course: Retirement savings in the age of COVID-19

Funding Your Retirement Investing Principles

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Overview. Small Business Retirement.. When investors think about retirement plans, many focus on socking away cash and then investing it wisely to grow their nest egg. But theres a critical piece of retirement income planning thats often overlooked: a strategy to withdraw those carefully tended...

  • Are you saving enough money for retirement?
  • Planning Your Retirement Income Distribution
  • $0 online equity trade commissions + Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • More choices. More ways to invest how you want.

14 Reasons Why Retirement Jobs Are the Best! NewRetirement

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Retirement jobs dont need to be grueling or stressful. Think about finding work that you enjoy.Here are 14 varied and wonderful reasons to have a retirement. Retiring at 65 means that you could be out of work and living off your savings for 20 years or more. Twenty years without work requires a lot of...

  • Do You Really Have Something Better to Do?
  • 14 Reasons Why Retirement Jobs Are the Best!
  • Working After Retirement Can Provide More Retirement Savings or Income
  • Working Seniors Can Retain Existing Savings and Allow Them to Accumulate Interest

Individual Retirement Accounts IRAs The Balance

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An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a type of savings account that provides certain tax benefits. Saving for retirement with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred. Individual Retirement Accounts for Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed. While self-employment has many advantages, it can...

  • How Should I Invest the Money in an IRA?
  • Is a Health Savings Account Another Retirement Plan?
  • What to Do With an Inherited IRA or 401(k)
  • What Were IRA Contribution Limits in 2009?

These 50+ Year Old Entrepreneurs Will Make You Rethink Your

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6 months into retirement and Sam was bored as he missed the buzz of business.. The 62-year-old said in an interview, You dont have any small children at home any more, so you dont have to sacrifice your time with your family and can concentrate on your business without having a bad...

  • Why 50+ can be the best age to start a business
  • These 50+ Year Old Entrepreneurs Will Make You Rethink Your Retirement Plan
  • #1 Jim Butenschoen, 65, left the IT industry to start a hair-design academy
  • #2 Rand Smith exited the corporate world to open an optical retail business in his 50s

If you earn money after retirement, then you arent retired

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To the retirement police, you cant be retired if youre making money by doing work.. In mid-November of 2015, my retirement renaissance article got picked up by Business Insider. Business Insider often does publish personal finance material, but they are far from an early retirement resource.

  • Opinion: Why early retirement IS all its cracked up to be
  • Debunking the top 5 myths of early retirement
  • Four years of living expenses in short-term savings.
  • We remain completely flexible and willing to change.