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in Your Financial Future



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Our Planning Process

The Initial Consultation

  • After a "get acquainted" phone interview, we meet in person for a formal consultation where we ask you about your finances and goals ... where you are and where you want to be.
  • If at the end of the consultation, you would like to work together:
    • You will receive our "log in" invitation to your client financial dashboard.
    • From home, you will connect all electronically accessible accounts.
    • Together, we put all the puzzle pieces together to see where everything is and what it's worth. 
  • We will prepare an engagement document for your signature:
    • A statement of scope, fees, and mutual expectations for working together.
    • A disclosure statement regarding the separate implementation portion of your plan.

Creating a Personalized Plan

  • Once your New Point client dashboard is populated with all of your electronically accessible financial accounts:
    • We stress test your current portfolio mix.
    • We utilize the interactive goal planner, decision "what if" machine, and the distribution test center.
  • Recommendations for financial adjustments are explored, such as:
    • Reset goals and target timelines for those goals.
    • Adjust how much to set aside today for tomorrow's goals.
    • Adjust the asset mix in your retirement plan at work as well as IRA's, taxable investments, and educational funds (like 529 plans).
    • Stress test varying degrees of market changes and goal adjustments.
  • After presenting the recommendations to you, and allowing ample time for questions and answers, we will start on our path to a New Point in your financial future.  
    • There will likely be separate components of your investment plan that are combined to complement one another. 
    • We will always talk with you, perhaps more than any other advisor has, about how we are compensated per component of the implementation of your investment plan.  
    • We are fully licensed to directly purchase and sell all types of financial products, such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, direct participation programs, annuities, and insurance products in order to implement the components of your personalized plan.

On Going Client Care

  • We talk with our clients as frequently as they would like via phone and screen share, and in-person at least annually, to keep them up to date on the progress of the plan we've mapped out together.
    • Periodically review performance of the investment mix.
    • Suggest adjustments when necessary.
    • Analyze impact of any life changes—such as marriage, disability, or retirement, or job changes.
  • We are available for consultation with you throughout the year by appointment, and on an "on-call" basis during available evenings or weekends.


"When it comes to spending money, investing it, or planning for it, call me first for input and guidance.  I often create client advisory teams to meet each of your financial needs in a collaborative way, such as accountants, estate attorneys, and Medicare specialists."          

           -- Anne W. Shuford, CFP®


Our Appreciation

We appreciate your trust, your business, and your friendship. It is an honor to serve you and make a positive impact on your family.  

If you are not already a client, please contact us at New Point Financial Advisors for a "get acquainted" call. 

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